FlexBio Technologie

About us

FlexBio Technologie GmbH is an innovative environmental technology company
with resource-saving and sustainable solutions.

Our way to a sustainable future

Our vision:

We are creating a system for the sustainable use of the most valuable resource on our planet – WATER . Because healthy lifestyles, economic growth and ecological sustainability are easily maintained through reliable and affordable water supplies. Water is not a waste product. This is what FlexBio stands for, this is what WE stand for.

Our leitmotifs:

  • Clean water for everyone – basic right to water!
  • Resource conservation
  • Environment & climate protection
  • Fair distribution of resources

Our mission:

FlexBio sets new standards for the wastewater recycling of the future.

Our mission is technology and market leadership in the field of wastewater treatment, water recycling and the recovery of energy and nutrients in a modern, future-oriented and sustainable corporate development. We would like to pass this claim on through cooperation with suppliers, customers and the general public.

Most valuable resource

Our employees are the basis of our development. At the same time, our cooperation is the prerequisite for great performance. Together we want to make a positive contribution to our world and create a sustainable future. In addition, we attach great importance to an open, appreciative and familiar corporate culture. We also pay attention to the health and in particular the occupational safety of our employees. We also offer a good working atmosphere and give our employees the opportunity to develop themselves professionally.

Dealing with resources such as energy and material use in the entire word creation chain always takes environmental aspects into account.

We are proud of that

Our customer voices speak for themselves.

The figures shown are updated daily. They show the total amount of CO2 that has been saved by our systems. In addition, the generated green energy is represented that the systems have produced as a whole.

Positive feedback
CO2 savings in tons
Current projects
Generated energy KWh

Discover our story


FlexBio Technologie GmbH was founded in 2014 as a spin-off from the HAWK University in Göttingen. Our corporate philosophy is to provide our customers with the best possible support from the first idea to the turnkey system. The company FlexBio Technologie offers a modular system for the fully biological treatment of organically polluted industrial, commercial and agricultural wastewater using a specially developed process.

The first research activities and investigations with a fixed bed reactor took place in 2009. The first pilot system was tested in 2011.

Managing Director of Flexbio left Paul Bauer, right Waldemar Ganagin

Our awards

Our team

We are at your side competently

Ein Portrait von dem Chief Technology Officer Waldemar Ganagin vor einem grauen Hintergrund

Waldemar Ganagin

Managing Director Technology
Ein Portrait von dem Chief Financial Officer Paul Bauer vor einem grauen Hintergrund

Paul Bauer

Chief Financial Officer
Ein Portrait von Karsten Wabnitz vor einem grauen Hintergrund

Karsten Wabnitz

Technical Sales
Ein Portrait von Kirsten Loewe vor einem grauen Hintergrund

Kirsten Loewe

Head of Research
ein grauer Schatten von einem Kopf einer Person auf einem weißen Hintergrund

Dr.-Ing. Adam Feher

Service manager
Ein Portrait von Vadim Salkutsan vor einem grauen Hintergrund

Vadim Salkutsan

Project manager

Our partners

In order to be able to offer you complete solutions from a single source,
we work closely with our partners.

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