Water treatment

The most common pollution when drawing drinking water from areas close to the surface are heavy metals, arsenic, iron, manganese, chlorine, etc. as well as nitrate, organic pollutants and germs. FlexBio Technologie GmbH offers you compact and modular water treatment systems as container solutions. The container systems for water treatment are delivered turnkey and ready for use.

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FlexBio water treatment

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Your advantages

Maximum operational safety

Individual process combination

Fully automatic operation

Modular and compact design

Modern technology

Plug & Play principle

Online process control

Guaranteed water quality

Process security

Our services

Water quality inventory

Process engineering planning

3D modeling

Construction and delivery


Documentation conforming to standards

All from a single source

Drinking and industrial water treatment

A combination of different water treatment methods makes sense in many cases. Depending on the degree of soiling, UV disinfection can be combined with ozone treatment and heavy metal removal. This combination offers 100% protection against pollution and can also be used for heavily polluted drinking water. The high oxidative effect of ozone leads to many other reactions. Heavy metals can therefore also be precipitated through ozonation, which then sediment or can simply be removed by filtration. The systems can be operated fully automatically as well as combined with other fully automatic FlexBio systems.

In addition to drinking water treatment, the technology can also be used in areas such as washing systems, bacteria removal or as a pre-filter against reverse osmosis. All products can be delivered pre-assembled in the container and are therefore also suitable for rapid deployment in submissive areas. We are happy to produce individual solutions for your specific needs.

Our technology

The technology can be installed in a space-saving and effective manner, even in the smallest of spaces. All system parts for a complete reprocessing can be accommodated in one container. This suitability for transport enables use in work camps, for example.

With our technology you get cloudiness and loosened dirt from your water. Depending on your needs, the water is purified to industrial or drinking water quality in order to meet your needs.

Our water treatment systems usually contain the following treatment steps, which are either combined with one another in a modular manner or we offer them as stand-alone solutions.

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