Wastewater treatment and biogas technology
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FlexBio Technologie GmbH is an innovative environmental technology company with its unprecedented anaerobic biological wastewater treatment plants. We create resource-saving and lasting solutions in the fields of biogas technology and wastewater treatment. We have thus developed a system for the sustainable use of water, one of the most valuable resources on our planet.

That makes us innovative


The anaerobic wastewater treatment in compact container design is the first and only of its kind. It enables effective and efficient wastewater treatment in just a few process steps. In addition, our plants ensure a permanently positive energy balance.


We generate energy from your wastewater. The CO2 savings associated with our wastewater treatment plants avoid negative environmental impacts. Hardly or very little sewage sludge is produced. These aspects enable sustainable business development and create an additional source of revenue.


Due to the unprecedented container design of our anaerobic biological wastewater treatment plants, it is possible to transport our systems comfortably, to install them quickly and easily (Plug&Play) and to equip them with further modules (modular principle). You don’t have to invest in the final expansion stage today. You invest as needed.


Less sewage sludge – more energy: In the anaerobic wastewater technology we use, the organic matter in the wastewater is converted exclusively by microorganisms. A methane-rich gas is produced (approx. 90 – 95 vol.%).

That makes you successful

Savings on the heavy pollution fee.

Compact, modular &

Reduction of
CO2 tax.

Also suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Fully automatic

Fast connection and commissioning.


Payback period.

Our performance in key figures

The figures shown are updated daily. They show the total CO
amount saved by our anaerobic biological wastewater treatment plants. In addition, the generated green energy is represented, biogas from wastewater, which the plants have produced in total.


CO2 savings in tons


Generated amount of energy TWh


Delivered systems

Wastewater treatment-

Our anaerobic biological wastewater treatment plants are built in modules, making them compact and adaptable, unlike conventional treatment plants. The FlexBio compact plants for wastewater treatment can thus be transported easily and quickly. The wastewater treatment plants are pre-assembled at our factory and delivered after a testing phase. They also offer the option of space-saving installation according to the plug & play principle. The connection of the anaerobic compact plants is therefore perfectly possible at most plants.

Our range of services

Our company

FlexBio Technologie GmbH was founded in 2014 as a spin-off from a research project at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Göttingen and has grown intensively since then. Our company philosophy is to accompany our customers in the best possible way from the first idea to the turnkey plant, therefore we react to individual requests in a flexible and solution-oriented way. Our proprietary all-biological approach is ideally suited to a wide range of industries, including food and beverage, commercial and agricultural.

Industries for our

Mobile pilot plant
Try us!

By using our mobile demonstration plant, we can realistically demonstrate the anaerobic plants. Accordingly, it becomes visible how efficient, timely and sustainable our wastewater treatment is. Furthermore, the on-site test run enables a realistic determination of potential under practical conditions. In this way, we avoid planning errors and enable process optimization during a trial run.

the mobile demonstration system from FlexBio Technologie from the outside
lateral intake of water with two water splashes

Climate protection and sustainability

In contrast to aerobic wastewater treatment, the anaerobic process produces significantly less carbon dioxide. Anaerobic treatment produces a gas mixture with methane as a waste product. This biogas can be converted into energy and heat and returned to the company. With the introduction of anaerobic wastewater treatment, the company is supporting climate protection.

For more information on container-based anaerobic wastewater treatments, our team will be happy to provide you with more information.