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The most important thing is the employees

The fact that we are where we are today is not solely due to our innovative wastewater treatment plants. We owe our success to date to each and every one of our employees, to their extraordinary team spirit and commitment. At FlexBio, we stand rallied behind our mission, our vision and behind our products. Together, we combine the desire for resource conservation and energy efficiency with an innovative wastewater treatment process, well thought-out product development and rapid implementation. The focus is on the most diverse requirements and wishes of our customers from a wide range of industries.

From the initial concept to the finished wastewater treatment plant, including energy generated in-house, our products go through a process of several stages. In addition, we offer personal contact and exciting administrative tasks. For this, we at FlexBio need various competencies and employees. You can get to know some of the heads of our team here.

Ein Portrait von dem Chief Technology Officer Waldemar Ganagin vor einem grauen Hintergrund

Waldemar Ganagin

Managing Director Technology
Ein Portrait von dem Chief Financial Officer Paul Bauer vor einem grauen Hintergrund

Paul Bauer

Chief Financial Officer
Ein Portrait von Karsten Wabnitz vor einem grauen Hintergrund

Karsten Wabnitz

Technical Sales
Ein Portrait von Kirsten Loewe vor einem grauen Hintergrund

Kirsten Loewe

Head of Research
Männliche Figur

Dr.-Ing. Adam Feher

Service manager
Ein Portrait von Vadim Salkutsan vor einem grauen Hintergrund

Vadim Salkutsan

Project manager
Weibliche Figur

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