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Flexible purchase options

Risk minimization for your company

Anaerobic wastewater pretreatment in compact container plant with biogas production

You would like to have one of our water treatment plants, but you are afraid that the desired measured values will not be achieved during water treatment?

For this case, we offer you individual and flexible rental and purchase options of our water treatment plants. For this purpose, we supply you as usual with a turnkey plant including foundations, peripherals, gas utilization, etc. from a single source.

You do not have a long construction site on site with our water treatment technology. We expect a time of one to two weeks from delivery to commissioning.

More advantages

  • Delivery of a turnkey plant (incl. Foundations, peripherals, gas utilization, etc.
  • No long construction site on site: Commissioning one week after delivery!
  • Everything from one source!
  • Fast project implementation thanks to catch-up approval!
  • Immediate cost reduction after commissioning!
  • By renting or hire-purchase your liquidity remains spared!
  • Flexible contractual lease terms and purchase options.
  • The flat rate for full maintenance is included in the rental payments: Transparent and calculable costs.

Installment plan

The water treatment plant becomes your property after a contractually agreed term and payment of the remaining price. This usually takes place after a contract period of approximately five years. The FlexBio plants are compact to purchase and thus move quickly to the permitting phase. That’s why we like to work very flexibly when it comes to financing our wastewater treatment plants. We can adapt the terms to our customers’ individual needs and in consultation with them.

Our demonstration plant

In addition to our flexible rental and purchase options, we offer you a test run with our demonstration system in advance. The FlexBio demonstration plant is fully mounted in a trailer and is able to efficiently run through process adjustments and variations to the specific wastewater in advance.

By using the mobile demonstration plant, an effective demonstration of effective and contemporary wastewater treatment is achieved. Furthermore, on-site trial operation enables potential to be determined under practical conditions. In addition, process optimization takes place during the pre-test to avoid any planning errors.

This effectively demonstrates the function and performance of our process. The mobile system is dimensioned in such a way that it can be upscaled to a larger system.

The demonstration plant records various parameters such as biogas yield, COD purification efficiency and nitrogen elimination. In addition, regular samples are taken to enable precise documentation of the results. The scope of services can be adapted according to customer requirements.

We are looking forward to your inquiry

Alexander Schiffer, Karsten Wabnitz und Ulf Behrens von dem FlexBio-Vertriebsteam

Technical Sales
Alexander Schiffer,
Karsten Wabnitz,
Ulf Behrens

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