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Service and performance for our customers

Our range of services for you:

We offer the following services to our customers in the
Food and beverage processing, meat processing, industrial wastewater and in agriculture to:

Wastewater treatment

  • food and beverages
  • Meat processing
  • Industrial wastewater
  • Agriculture

The unique FlexBio wastewater treatment plants work in an energy-efficient and cost-saving manner in all areas of application. Regardless of whether you want to purify slightly polluted wastewater on a farm or heavily polluted wastewater from industry, the FlexBio portfolio offers you a suitable solution. The technology impresses with yours simple operational management and reliable cleaning performance .

Biogas technology

  • Flexible biogas technology
  • Classic biogas technology
  • Waste fermentation plants
  • Small manure biogas plants

FlexBio Technologie GmbH has a wide range of know-how on the subject of biogas. The FlexBio biogas process developed by us is suitable for use in both agriculture and waste management. Our fixed bed technology impresses on the one hand with its very high flexibility – such as needs-based biogas production without large gas storage facilities, and on the other hand with high process stability and efficiency.

  • Preliminary examinations
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Biogas analysis / gas yield test
  • Financing options

Our service is adapted to individual customer requirements and ranges from general supervision to a complete operator contract. You can continue to concentrate on your core business while your wastewater is cleaned. You are getting everything out of one hand with us:


Support in drafting and developing a drainage concept

Profitability calculations

Professional planning of your building project

Clear technical calculations and drawings

S upport in the preparation of approval documents

On-site assembly and much more.