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Die Umweltuhr tickt. Woher nehmen wir grüne Energie?

Energy is becoming more expensive and gas scarcer

Operating profitably and making a profit is commonplace for growing companies. It is often not easy to make the right decisions regarding investments on a daily basis. For this reason,…
Weißes Glühbirnen-Icon mit einem Blatt in der Mitte - Symbol für Green Tech-Unternehmen

Green Tech – What is that actually?

At FlexBio Technologie GmbH, we see ourselves as a green tech company, but what does that mean? Indeed, the term is not only meant to sound smart and modern, but…
New seal of quality for FlexBio Technologie GmbH: Seal of Excellence

New seal of approval for FlexBio

Certainly, one or the other person has already noticed via various of our social media channels: We have received the Seal of Excellence in connection with the German EU framework…
Wassertropfen mit dem Text "Klima fängt beim Wasser an"

5. points why climate protection starts with water

Our company and, above all, our employees are fully committed to the products we manufacture and to our mission. Why? Because we care about the climate, sustainability and a perspective…
Logo: FlexBio Technologie - Energie aus Abwasser

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