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Demonstration system

The demonstration system is complete mounted in a trailer and is able to efficiently run through procedural adjustments and variations to the specific wastewater in advance.

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Mobile demonstration system
Anaerobic-aerobic wastewater treatment

By using our mobile demonstration system, an effective demonstration of efficient and contemporary wastewater treatment is achieved. Furthermore, the trial operation on site enables an effective determination of potential under practical conditions. In addition, the Process optimization during the preliminary test in order to avoid any planning errors.

With this we effectively demonstrate the function and Efficiency of our process . The mobile system is dimensioned so that a Upscaling to a larger system is possible.

The demonstration system records various parameters such as the Biogas yield, the COD cleaning performance and the Nitrogen elimination . In addition, regular samples are taken to ensure a exact documentation of the results. The scope of services may vary depending on customer request be adjusted.

Scope of services

The treatment system is a multi-stage system with an integrated anaerobic main cleaning system and a downstream activation stage with a built-in MBR system (membrane bioreactor). The anaerobic fixed bed fermenter enables an effective removal of the organic load with methane production.

The device is installed in an insulated luggage trailer (car trailer). The methane-rich gas produced is rendered harmless and odorless by a biofilter (methane oxidation biofilter) integrated in the mobile system. While the experiment is being carried out, the treatment stages are continuously monitored via remote access. Regular sampling of the inflow and outflow is carried out by the customer’s operating staff on site.

The range of services

✓ Design of experiments
✓ Delivery of the mobile demonstration system incl. equipment
✓ Installation, alignment and connection
✓ Commissioning and instruction
✓ Delivery of the sampling vessels
✓ Remote monitoring of the system
✓ Maintenance and ensuring trouble-free plant operation
✓ Weekly analysis report
✓ Preparation of a final report


✓ COD concentration in the inlet and outlet
✓ Nitrogen concentration in the inlet and outlet
✓ Phosphorus concentration in the inlet and outlet

Application example

The mobile demonstration system can be used in the Food and beverage industry such as delicatessen production, potato processing, confectionery production or Breweries as well as in the field of Landfill leachate r can be used.

Mobile demonstration system – water treatment

Development / planning / construction / supervision
Anaerobic and aerobic treatment in the trailer

Treatment capacity up to:
0ml / d
Compact container system:Type FLEXBIO-AFBB-001
the mobile demonstration system from FlexBio Technologie from the outside

Your advantages at a glance

Fast determination of potential

An effective determination of potential takes place under practical conditions.

Meaningful results

Our pilot plant trials also offer you the “full program”. We carry out all the necessary examinations so that you get a meaningful result.

On-site investigations

Our mobile test systems are installed on your premises and operated for a representative period of 2 to 6 months.

Continuous online measurement

In order to assess the performance of the system, measured values are regularly recorded online and offline.

Easy upscaling

The mobile system is dimensioned in such a way that it can be scaled up to a larger system without restrictions.

Customer-friendly design

The scope of services can be adapted according to customer requirements.

Technical laboratory support

In addition, regular samples are taken to enable precise documentation of the results.

Questions and answers about
the demonstration system

Measurement parameters and analysis data
Installation site

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