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Our wastewater treatment plants are not only space-saving, but also modular and thus flexibly adaptable to any operation and industry. This has the advantage that they are also suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. Nevertheless, there are some criteria that your company, or more precisely your wastewater, should meet in order for wastewater treatment with the FlexBio system to be worthwhile for you. Check quickly and easily with our questionnaire or checklist whether our wastewater treatment plant is also suitable for you and your company.

Flexbio technology plant at Rittmayer

By means of the completed questionnaire, you provide us with important information and initial data such as the COD content of your wastewater or also the volumes of wastewater that pass through your plant on a daily basis. These initial general questions are not industry specific for now and can usually be answered by your technical manager, brewmaster, and operations or production manager.

Based on the data and values, we perform initial calculations that are required for a preliminary quotation. The questionnaire can also be discussed in detail in a subsequent face-to-face or digital meeting. Thus, we already have a first basis for a more detailed planning of your future wastewater treatment plant. We would also be happy to go through the checklist with you in advance to clear up any difficulties in understanding.

The questionnaire helps both you and us to find out whether a FlexBio wastewater treatment plant is worthwhile and profitable for you. Because the area around the profitability of your company is also important to us. The more specific the questionnaire can be filled out, the more accurately we can perform the profitability calculation for you in advance.

In addition to our wastewater treatment, we also consider good service and honest advice to be important components of our corporate culture. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with any questions or difficulties that may arise. We will be happy to find the right plant constellation for you.

Questionnaire and further information

Difficulties with the questionnaire?

We will also be happy to help you personally.

Alexander Schiffer, Karsten Wabnitz und Ulf Behrens von dem FlexBio-Vertriebsteam

Technical Sales
Alexander Schiffer,
Karsten Wabnitz,
Ulf Behrens

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