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Anaerobic wastewater treatment with energy generation

Since 1934, the art of brewing has been a family tradition at Privatbrauerei Schweiger, and this is also evident in the company’s ties to the Markt Schwaben region: Regionality is lived through the exclusive use of local raw materials. In addition to the actual brewery, the Schweigers also have their own brewing workshop or test kitchen. New recipes are developed and tried out here, also in compliance with the old Bavarian purity law. Two craft beer specialties have already made their way from the workshop to the product range. Since 2013, the private brewery has also held the “Slow Brewing” seal of quality, which is reserved for breweries with a value-oriented brewing culture.

Initial situation

Since then, sustainability has played an overriding role for the Schweiger private brewery. For 300 years, the family business has been firmly rooted in the region with the grain it uses. Therefore, they have set themselves the goal of returning the earth as they received it, if not better. FlexBio’s wastewater treatment plant improves the carbon footprint by cleaning wastewater, producing biogas that can be returned to the brewery in the form of energy and heat. In addition, Schweiger’s container-based system provides a cost reduction to the municipality, which has already communicated rising costs due to high wastewater volumes.

Data and facts

Wastewater information

  • Pollution COD: 2,500 – 3,500 mg/l
  • Purified water (indirect line) COD: < 800 mg/l

Own energy generation

  • 210,000 kWh thermal per year
  • Biogas production: 6.5 m³/h
  • 130,000 kWh electric per year

Processing capacity

  • 44.000 m³ per year

CO2 saving

  • 70.000 kg per year

FlexBio wastewater treatment

  • Construction time of 1.5 months (completion 2022)
  • A FlexBio container incl. anaerobic pretreatment, gas storage, gas treatment, combined heat and power plant (CHP) and control technology (type FLEXBIO-AF-100 HC)


Flexbio Contener