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Industrial wastewater

FlexBio Technologie GmbH is your contact from the first consultation through planning and construction
and the commissioning of the unique FlexBio technology plants for wastewater treatment.

Your advantages at a glance

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Compact and modular

Expandable as required

Easy integration during operation (plug & play principle)

No heavy pollution charges

Low maintenance

Chemical savings

Low operating costs

Sustainable biogas production

Improvement of the CO 2 balance of your company

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We have the perfect solution for you.

The unique FlexBio wastewater treatment converts the fats and COD loads entered into energy-rich biogas. This technology significantly reduces the material flows and you hardly have to dispose of sewage sludge, which is expensive. You can get up to 20% of the energy you need from your wastewater.

We offer solutions for direct discharge as well as indirect discharge into the neighboring wastewater treatment plant. Thanks to our effective cleaning technology, there are no heavy pollution charges or other surcharges on the wastewater tax.

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Technical Sales

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