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Service / maintenance

FlexBio Technologie GmbH is your contact from the first consultation through planning and construction
and the commissioning of the unique FlexBio technology plants for wastewater treatment.

The FlexBio technology solutions are up Your needs tailored – regardless of whether individual treatment stages are installed or a complex wastewater treatment plant is built. With own results out Laboratory studies and test facilities , the FlexBio technology is able to provide a suitable technology f Developed for your application .

In many cases your technology can be configured by standardized Preliminary examinations be done in advance. You save on the investment side as well as in later operation and can convince yourself of our service even before placing the order. Here you can Preliminary examinations either in the laboratory, in the Technical center as well as directly on the spot be carried out in your company’s operating environment.

Your benefits at a glance

Mobile preliminary examinations

By using our mobile demonstration system, efficient and contemporary wastewater treatment is presented.

Laboratory analysis

The range of services includes chemical and biological examinations according to the “German standard procedures for water, waste water and sludge examination”.

Biogas analysis

In order to guarantee the success of our customers’ biogas plants, we check and control the fermentation processes of the biogas plants in our in-house laboratory.


Our service is adapted to individual customer requirements. You can concentrate on your core business while your wastewater is cleaned.

Mobile preliminary examinations

Our mobile test systems are installed on your premises and operated for a representative period of 2 to 6 months. By using our mobile demonstration system, efficient and contemporary wastewater treatment is presented. Furthermore, the trial operation on site enables an effective determination of potential under practical conditions in order to avoid planning errors as far as possible and for process optimization. The demonstration system is set up on a mobile trailer. This enables us to effectively demonstrate the functionality and efficiency of our process. The mobile system is dimensioned in such a way that it can be scaled up to a larger system without restrictions.

Preliminary examinations in the technical center

Our pilot plant trials also offer you the “full program”. You supply us with the waste water or the biomass and we carry out all the necessary tests so that you get a meaningful result.

Various parameters such as the biogas yield, the COD cleaning performance and the nitrogen elimination can be recorded in all test systems. In addition, regular samples are taken to enable precise documentation of the results. The scope of services can be adapted according to customer requirements.

In addition to preliminary tests, our test systems are also suitable for temporary cleaning of your wastewater if you are planning a renovation or something similar and cannot stop your production.

Laboratory analysis

Our laboratory is equipped with modern measurement and analysis technology. The range of services includes chemical and biological investigations according to the “German standard procedure for water, waste water and sludge investigation”. The laboratory ensures important requirements for self-monitoring for the initiating companies. One of the main tasks is the regular control of the discharge capacity into the sewage network (indirect discharge) and into the receiving water (direct discharge) at our customers.

Essentially, our laboratory enables customers to receive optimal service in planning, commissioning and operation. As part of the preliminary investigations, we determine the current wastewater situation (quantitative and qualitative). If necessary, preliminary examinations are first carried out with test facilities, which are also analytically monitored and documented. Other tasks include: Investigations into the process sequence of anaerobic wastewater pretreatment and the activation stages, control of the process, assessment of pollution situations and influences on the biological cleaning process. With the laboratory equipment, other environmental analysis tests can of course also be carried out.

Biogas analysis / gas yield tests

In order to guarantee the success of our customers’ biogas plants, we check and control the fermentation processes of the biogas plants in our in-house laboratory. We draw on our own large laboratory analysis database and our employees’ many years of experience. Process disruptions and instabilities in the fermentation process can be recognized in good time and remedied without great effort. The results of our analysis often have a decisive influence on technical and economic decisions relating to your system. In order to meet the highest demands, we adapt our analysis methods individually to the medium and also take part in round robin tests in order to constantly check our methods. We would also be happy to set up a gas yield test with your samples on our premises. Our gas yield tests are carried out based on VDI guideline 4630

In addition to the process biological support from the FlexBio team, the environmental analytical laboratory from the NEUTec department (HAWK Göttingen University) is available as an independent partner if you have any further questions. The institution researches and develops in the field of biogas technology for an improved energetic and material use of biogenic residues.

Maintenance / service

Our service is adapted to individual customer requirements and ranges from general supervision to a complete operator contract. You can continue to concentrate on your core business while your wastewater is cleaned.

Our maintenance is carried out by specially trained staff. Thanks to our professional service, we reduce the downtimes of our systems to a minimum. Most of the maintenance work can be carried out during operation and does not hinder your business. The contracts are designed individually depending on the plant and country and are adapted to your needs.

Leasing benefits

Preservation of liquidity and equity

Tax advantage through fully deductible installments

Planning security through fixed leasing rates

Manufacturer-independent financing

Individual contract design

Integration of insurance companies

Swift processing, quick decision

Financing options
for compact FlexBio systems

We offer leasing as a financing alternative for our modular wastewater treatment plants. So you can react quickly and flexibly. To this end, we tailor our contract offers specifically to your needs, e.g. by adapting the installment payments and flexible service models. No type of financing is as flexible as a leasing constellation. The payment corresponds to the economic benefit of your property. Everything can be optimally covered by a leasing alternative.

The lessee is the beneficial owner of the property from the start of the contract and automatically becomes the owner under civil law upon payment of the last installment.

We can put together a suitable leasing offer for the planned wastewater treatment for you. We can arrange this through our selected partners and offer you individual solutions for your company – needs-based, flexible and customer-oriented .