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Sewage engineering

The unique FlexBio wastewater treatment plants work in an energy-efficient and cost-saving manner in all areas of application. The compact and modular design also enables customized solutions.

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We clarify your wastewater

The unique FlexBio wastewater treatment plants work energy efficient and cost saving in all areas of application. Regardless of whether you want to purify slightly contaminated wastewater from an agricultural operation or heavily contaminated wastewater from industry, the FlexBio portfolio offers you a suitable solution. The technology impresses with yours simple operational management and reliable cleaning performance . You can also benefit from the specially developed process in which the organic pollution in high-energy gas converted becomes. The biogas obtained is directly available to you as a sustainable and environmentally friendly source of energy and permanently improves your CO 2 balance.

schematic representation of the process within the container system

The FlexBio technology can be used in compact modular containers according to the Plug & Play principle delivered or built as a large-scale plant at your site. We take over complete planning , construction, installation and commissioning of your Wastewater treatment plant. It is even possible to operate your system according to individual operator models.

Wastewater treatment in the Food-

In the food industry, wastewater occurs in various process steps. Whether for potato washing, lettuce production, bottle washing or milk processing, FlexBio wastewater technology offers the right solution. Our customers’ wastewater usually differs significantly in its composition. Despite all of this, they have the following things in common:

  • The wastewater from your company contains valuable energy that can be obtained in the form of biogas using the innovative FlexBio wastewater technology.
  • Our wastewater technology can be integrated into existing systems or installed as a completely new system. The heavy pollution charges incurred can be effectively avoided. Our technology is characterized by its modular and space-saving technology, so wastewater treatment can grow in equal steps when production is expanded.

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Wastewater treatment in the Beverage industry

In the beverage industry, wastewater occurs in various process steps. FlexBio wastewater technology offers the right solution. Our systems support you in reducing costs and enable energy recovery from wastewater. The FlexBio wastewater technology effectively and inexpensively cleans the wastewater produced by beverage producers. Regardless of whether you produce / process juices or beer, wastewater treatment does its job at the highest level. The FlexBio systems are offered as compact and modular container solutions. The decisive advantage of FlexBio technology is that our systems are also economical for smaller companies.


Do not hesitate and use the existing potential!

Waste water treatment in abattoirs

The wastewater produced by slaughterhouses and meat processing plants has enormous energetic potential. This energy can be obtained in the form of biogas using the FlexBio process. This means that you can cover up to 20% of the energy requirements of your business with wastewater treatment. Our systems can process from a few m³ / d up to several 1000 m³ of wastewater per day. In addition, there is no need for expensive additives and auxiliaries or the laborious operation of the flotation. With our systems, you can minimize operating costs and improve your CO 2 footprint from day one. Make your company fit for the future.

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Industrial wastewater treatment

Industry requires large amounts of water, so these amounts are generated again as wastewater at the end of the processes. The FlexBio process cleans the wastewater so that the cleaned wastewater can be reused in the processes. This saves you fresh water costs and wastewater fees. Different cleaning methods are combined with one another, depending on the cleaning performance requirements and the initial load. This means that you always receive a tailor-made solution that meets your requirements. For example, we can plan and produce mechanical pre-treatment with full biological treatment and chemical post-cleaning with subsequent disinfection or disinfection as a complete treatment system.

With the help of anaerobic wastewater treatment, the contaminated water is cleaned in the absence of air. This creates valuable biogas that can be used as an energy source for heating or to generate electricity. Sustainable energy increases the profitability of your company.

Our system technology is used particularly effectively in the paper and pharmaceutical industries, biodiesel production and in starch processing companies. You decide whether you want to initiate the treatment directly or whether you would like pre-treatment. We offer you an economical solution.

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Wastewater treatment in the Agriculture

FlexBio Technologie GmbH offers attractive solutions for the treatment of wastewater on farms that purify wastewater to discharge quality. Thanks to the advantages of FlexBio technology, you do not have to operate complex water management and unnecessarily burden your digestate storage facility. The wastewater is collected and automatically cleaned in a compact system until it reaches the necessary limit values. It can then be used for irrigation or discharged into a body of water.

In addition, this process is used to extract biogas from the organic matter in the wastewater. This biogas can, just like any conventionally obtained biogas, be used for energy and recycled.

The FlexBio systems can be transported quickly and easily. The systems are pre-assembled in our factory and delivered after a test phase. The compact and modular design enables a space-saving installation, so that the connection of the compact system is possible on most farms.

Do not hesitate and use the existing potential!

Our compact sewage treatment plants

We are the only provider of anaerobic wastewater treatment in a compact container design!

Leasing benefits

Preservation of liquidity and equity

Tax advantage through fully deductible installments

Planning security through fixed leasing rates

Manufacturer-independent financing

Individual contract design

Integration of insurance companies

Swift processing, quick decision

Financing options
for compact FlexBio systems

We offer leasing as a financing alternative for our modular wastewater treatment plants. So you can react quickly and flexibly. For this purpose, we tailor our contract offers specifically to your needs, e.g. by adjusting the installment payments and flexible service models. No type of financing is as flexible as a leasing constellation. The payment corresponds to the economic benefit of your property. Everything can be optimally covered by a leasing alternative.

The lessee is the beneficial owner of the property from the start of the contract and automatically becomes the owner under civil law upon payment of the last installment.

We can put together a suitable leasing offer for the planned wastewater treatment for you. We draw on the competence of selected partners in order to offer you individual solutions for your company – needs-based, flexible and customer-oriented .